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Autumn 2022


Michael Doss – Graphic Packaging International

Riikka Joukio – Kesko

Tom van Aken – Avantium


Multifunctional forests

Biodiversity – the next carbon!

Making society circular

AFRY Insights



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Dear reader,

We at AFRY Management Consulting have challenged ourselves with this edition of AFRY Insights. We decided to showcase real life cases where clear steps have been taken to bring our world closer to sustainable business and circular economy. We decided to "show, not tell".

Our AFRY Insights magazine authors, my brilliant colleagues, continuously converse with our esteemed clientele, and have collected stellar examples from the industry showcasing true models of action, behaviour and results.

You may get acquainted with Graphic Packaging International's sustainability and innovation driven growth strategy and hear about the successful path towards becoming a leading provider of sustainable paper-based packaging solutions for a wide variety of products. You may also read how Finnish retailer Kesko has placed sustainability at the core of its strategy and executed it consistently, and has successfully enabled sustainable choices for its customers and driven change throughout the value chain.

One fine day is a time-travel themed article about the systemic change required to realise circularity. We also discuss forest carbon and biodiversity, both of which are on every conscious citizen’s and decisionmaker’s agenda – again through practical, real-world examples of industry leading operators.

On top of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine started, and activity in the M&A markets that was initially so promising faced new challenges. AFRY has investigated the packaging sector transactions and highlighted some success factors for our readers.

At Avantium, a leading technology company in renewable chemistry, CEO Tom van Aken discussed with us the company’s recent pioneering investment project in renewable and circular plastics, and shared advice for players aiming to bring novel materials to the market.

We at AFRY stand proudly by our clients’ side by helping them to succeed in delivering more sustainable solutions for the world. Every day. Making future.

Hope you enjoy the read!

Saara Söderberg
Vice President
AFRY Management Consulting

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Previous issue

Here you can read the articles of the previous magazine

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